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by kalinanav
2017-06-05 16:37
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Topic: capital PDF files won't show up online
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capital PDF files won't show up online

When I use google chrome (and when google crawls our site), any pdf file that has a capital PDF instead of lowercase pdf won't load online. It seems to work in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. I've downloaded the newest version of chrome but that didn't help. Does anyone know what is happening? It's kind...
by kalinanav
2017-06-05 16:34
Forum: FileZilla Client Support
Topic: Files missing in FTP...
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Files missing in FTP...

Hi. I figured I'd find other people with this issue but I can't seem to find it anywhere. We have a lot of files in our FTP but it will only show us some of them. I know others are in there because the files show up on our website but I would like to edit some and can't get to them. Please let me kn...