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by magistar
2019-06-14 12:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: File Fragmentation
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Re: File Fragmentation

With 1.7 GB of continuous free space on an 8 TB hard drive I am still seeing filezilla ftp server incomming files of 1 GB with 5000 fragments each. Is there a write buffer I can modify somewhere similar to what torrent clients allow? The server has 4GB of free ram so I could get at least 1 GB fragme...
by magistar
2017-07-22 14:38
Forum: FileZilla Server Support
Topic: Filezilla not waking up server from standby
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Filezilla not waking up server from standby

Hi there To save power I have set my Intel Skylake based NAS to sleep after a few hours of inactivity. This saves me about 80W (100+ euro per year). The system is configured to wake up upon network activity. This works fine for services like Sonarr, Radarr (7878), TeamSpeak, etc. However for some re...