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by Eddiestephenson
2018-03-28 14:28
Forum: All things HTML
Topic: Trouble with uploading themes to wordpress
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Re: Trouble with uploading themes to wordpress

Hi, I have uploaded several themes into Filzilla but they do not seem to show up on my Wordpress themes. I have tried different ones and also have searched and tried all recommendations for why it may not work. Please can someone try and help me! Thank you! Why are you not uploading your themes in ...
by Eddiestephenson
2018-03-07 14:05
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Total newbie to Filezilla
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Re: Total newbie to Filezilla

I think the most up to date version is 3.31.0
by Eddiestephenson
2018-02-22 14:17
Forum: FileZilla Client Support
Topic: Connect to SFTP server
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Re: Connect to SFTP server

I also tried to connect to a SFTP Server...without any luck...

i want do backup my managed wordpress sites from godaddy and download the files to my desktop via FTP.
When i try to connect with filezilla i get a "Proxy error: 403 Forbidden".