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by Vegas101
2021-04-02 08:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New Update 3.52 is a complete Cluster F****k
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New Update 3.52 is a complete Cluster F****k

Attention FileZilla users, Do NOT update to version 3.52.2 There are serious problems with how the program functions with windows. After uploading 10,000 files the program causes windows crash errors. At times the same crash messages your screen will go blank. Complete black, or change the scale lay...
by Vegas101
2020-07-24 21:29
Forum: FileZilla Client Support
Topic: FileZilla connection error message
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Re: FileZilla connection error message

has NOTHING to do with outdated OS, also has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do for only CentOS, Ubuntu has the same issues because im using 16.04, and can RE CREATE the same issues with 18.04. I dont have these issues with using other ftp programs, It just happends that filezilla is an popular yet neglected ...