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by sport
2016-07-23 17:53
Forum: FileZilla Client Support
Topic: Updated To Version 3.10.0 Now Receiving Errors
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Re: Updated To Version 3.10.0 Now Receiving Errors

I'm running FileZilla Server and had to same MLSD error when a friend tried to log in using FileZilla Client. Opened Windows Firewall, Inbound Rules, double-clicked on Filezilla Server, Protocols and Ports: Protocol type, TCP; Local port: All ports; Remote port: All ports. Apply. Access through ftpt...
by sport
2010-02-14 21:48
Forum: FileZilla Server Support
Topic: Windows 7 with Server
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Re: Windows 7 with Server

Running Windows 7 with Norton Firewall. I've got it set accept in and out contacts. Inbound can't connect.