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by Josh P.
2004-11-09 23:27
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: A big day for the open source community
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I am using Firefox as well.. I have been using it since just after it was renamed from Pheonix to Firebird :)

by Josh P.
2004-11-08 20:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: RSS on this forum
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Compltely off topic, but I have been looking for that mod for a long time.. thanks for the link Bertje!

by Josh P.
2004-11-08 20:01
Forum: FileZilla and FileZilla Server Development
Topic: FileZilla 3 development diary
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Here's some eye candy: I hope you like the new progress bar (though I think height is slightly too large). What do you think? Um.. its OK I guess, I think its too black on the borders, and not really shiney enough for me :lol: And you are ...