Help required.

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Help required.

#1 Post by peter.rushton » 2021-04-15 14:08

Good day one and all.

In their infinite wisdom Seagate has decided to finish with any support including software for their Seagate NAS drives. See below.

As of May 15, 2021 the Seagate Access feature of Seagate NAS products will be discontinued. Specifically, the Seagate Access service, Seagate Access through Seagate Sdrive, Seagate Access through Seagate Media App, and Seagate MyNAS will no longer be available after May 15, 2021 at midnight Central European Time. Additionally, customer support for the Seagate Access service will also be discontinued.

The removal of this service means that access to all Seagate NAS devices via the Seagate Access web portal, Seagate Sdrive, Seagate Media App, and Seagate MyNAS will no longer function. However, you will not lose remote access to the files on your Seagate NAS since it can be configured and accessed using the FTP/SFTP service. Similarly, your Seagate NAS will not change for standard network access within the home or office network using common network protocols on macOS and Windows.

Please know that we remain grateful for your purchase of a Seagate NAS and hope you continue to enjoy it despite this change to remote access via Seagate Access, Sdrive, Seagate Media App and MyNAS.

For questions, please contact <removed>.


The Seagate NAS Team

As i am not so clever with network set up as such like i am after some help in getting my, what could be useless in a minute, cloud drive up and running in an alternative way. i am hoping some kind sole will take some pity on a pensioner and assist in still allowing access to my 60000 odd tracks and films stored on the drive.
In hope and aticipation
PR from the UK.

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Re: Help required.

#2 Post by botg » 2021-04-16 08:47

Unfortunately I don't know about about their products.

As for using FileZilla, a good starting point is our Tutorial.

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