How to preserve the dates photos were taken

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How to preserve the dates photos were taken

#1 Post by Helmersdale » 2023-09-18 10:23

Please could someone tell me how to get my photos to keep the date they were taken on in the transfer process through Filezilla to Photo Manager Pro. The dates are correct on the pc but in the local pane of Filezilla they all have a different date that bears no relation to anything that I have done to them. The only thing I do to them on the pc is to label them. I just want them to show the date the date they were taken when they are in Photo Manager Pro. Selecting 'Preserve Timestamp' only preserves the incorrect dates.
Any help gratefully received. Thank you

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Re: How to preserve the dates photos were taken

#2 Post by boco » 2023-09-18 14:07

FTP is completely content-agnostic. The timestamps transferred are the last modification timestamps of the files themselves. The "date taken" timestamps are stored in the file metadata that is never accessed/read by any FTP client.

Possible solutions:
- Set the last modified timestamp of the files to the date taken one. There might be tools which can do that automated in bulk. Then transfer.
- Use software on the webserver evaluating and sorting by metadata contents (indexing).
- Use a specialized FTP client for photos, if such thing even exists.
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