'Authentication failed.' for some users

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'Authentication failed.' for some users

#1 Post by camillebeaudoin » 2023-12-07 16:52


I am using FileZilla for my website, and it is set up so that users can enter their website credentials to access a proftp server, and users must have a specific permission to be able to access it.

Currently, some users are getting an 'Authentication failed' message and are not able to login successfully even if they are entering the correct password and username, and have the proper permissions. I have tested the following cases:
- Different / same computers: one user works, another does not work on the same computer. One user cannot login on any computer, other users can login on any computer. Must be something user specific.
- Same password: Even when 2 users have the same password, one is able to login and the other is not.
- Same user permissions: Even with similar user profiles, one user is able to login and the other is not.

I am not sure why some users are not able to login.

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