Suggestion: History of last transfered files

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A "recent used file list" would be ...

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Suggestion: History of last transfered files

#1 Post by Gauder » 2009-03-06 19:52


this is one thing I always wanted to have in a ftp client: a list of my recent transferd files, where i can easily up- and download recently used files.

E.g. I recently transfered 3 files in different folders:

Local file . . . . . . .| Remote file
folder1/ page1.html | folder1/page1.html
folder2/ page2.html | folder2/page2.html
folder3/ page3.html | folder3/page3.html

Now these three files appear in a "recent used files"-list, where you can upload these files via doubleklick from their local folders to - either their individual last used, or their respective same labelled - remote folders.

So you won't have to navigate through all your folders when you want to upload multiple files from different folders. Currently I have a javascript-, a php-, and a css-file - all in different folders. And for testing purposes I had to edit and upload alle three files simultaneously for approx. 20 times, and so I have to got to the php-filder, to the js-folder and to the css-folder for 20 times.

Synchronized browsing is a verny nice feature to halve the amount of clicks - but a history would be even more comfortable.

Good or bad idea? :)

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