Swapping index file is making no difference..

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Swapping index file is making no difference..

#1 Post by danielmoore » 2009-03-25 20:05

Hi people.

I have my website uploaded to my server, but I also have an additional site consisting of one page, which is a 'Down For Maintenance' page. Now, something has happened (about 2 months ago really, but now I need to sort it out as it's becoming frustrating!). Basically, as all files are uploaded for both the main site and the maintenance site on my server, when I want to swap to the single maintenance page, all I used to do was swap the .index files over on the server (overwriting what ever was uploaded), therefore showing the maintenance page over the normal welcome page. But here's the problem...

When I replace the index.html file, the only thing that changes (after emptying the cache and history) is the main sites welcome page-basically, the page buttons disappear: the maintenance page doesn't even show. Is the index.html file the only file I need to overwrite? I've tried feed.html file and the 'Down For Maintenance'.html individually, and I've tried all 3 html's at the same time-but none make any difference.

Am I missing something really stupidly obvious here?
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