Just a happy system administrator using filezilla

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Just a happy system administrator using filezilla

#1 Post by justin1980 » 2009-05-12 15:58

Im new to this forum. I just want to share my configuration with you guys!
Big thanks to the creator of this program!

I wanted for our custumers an easy and cheap way to backup their docs pics outlook etc.
So i've setup a windows 2000 computer with 2terrabyte storage. I downloaded a free program that created 500 random usernames and passwords.
Behind the FTP directory i created 500 directory's according to username. Installed Filezilla Server i had to add all 500 users seperate (because of the home directory of each user). That's not a nice job so i stopped at 25 users and will continue another day lol.
We opened port 21 in kerio and redirected it to our local machine. And its up and running perfectly. All those 500 users gonna be member of the "backup group" so we can adjust the speed limits.

Our internet connection that we use is just a normal connection. (1000kb download - 110kb up). But that doesnt matter because ppl's data will be send to us. So it's their upload limit that matters. To have the best control over what ppl will upload. We decided that we gonna install the client version. I tought cobian backup was the best program for this (still thinking cheap). I made a long exclude list like this Exclude masks="*\Temporary Internet Files*\*",*\Temp*\*,*\windows*\*,*\Cache*\*,*\Cookies*\*,*\LocalLow*\*,*\Roaming*\*,*.db,*.tmp,*.DAT,*.mp3,*.wav,*.ogg,*.wma,*.aac,*.ape,*.flac,*.mpc,*.rm,*.rmvb,*.wmv,*.avi,*.mpeg,*.mpg,*.mov,*.3gp,*.qt,*.asf,*.mp4,*.m2ts,*.img,*.VOB,*.IFO,*.iso,*.bin,*.url,*.sol,*.sqlite,*.lnk,*.wmdb,*.mfl,*.exe,*.msi
Cobian is gonna make and incremental update, so we think that the data traffic is not gonna be very heavy except for daily changing .pst or .dbx files.

If ppl’s laptop is stolen or their house burns down. Most people don’t care about the saved movies but they care about their pictures, documents and e-mail. Most programs, music and movies can people download again. And all those temp directory's are just a waste of bandwith traffic.
When we are finished configuring Cobian we will put an password on the application so they cannot modify it. We install it remotely using Teamviewer (also free).
We as an company have to make sure that the data is safe. So we ordered 2 NAS boxes with both 2 terrabyte each. We placed them on 2 locations other then our work location. We configured Cobian to make and backup to those 2 locations as well. (incremental)
We already have 10 customers. And they pay us a certain amount of money a year for this service. Wich actually cost not much to setup. And i expect at the end of the year we have like 200 users.
(if network really gets overloaded then we will get a faster line) but by now its really not neccesary
I just want to say then the combination cobian backup and filezilla is running flawless.
So here is what I used.
Second hand PC with 2 new terrabyte Disks (it was just a pc from a customer who bought a new pc from us)
Windows 2000 as OS
REAL VNC and LOGMEIN as remote control of ftp server (teamviewer to install cobian at client)
Cobian Backup to make backups to external location
2 NAS drives with 2 terrabyte each. (just to make sure if our place burns down)
Check for yourself the price!

Oh and since all our customers are our city if they need their data back we will bring it to them. Instead of letting them upload their data back. But ofcourse if they want they can download the data back.
For our company this is really not our focus point just a little service for our customers! And i said i can do it with a small budget so this configuration is what i used.. And I got a green light and now its really up and running smooth.

I just wrote this for the creator of filezilla and cobian to show my thanks for their work. Defenitly worth a big donation!!!!!!!!

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