Adware installer alternative

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Adware installer alternative

#1 Post by billegge » 2014-06-09 19:39

It appears that FileZilla is using SourceForge bundled Adware installer in order to make money. Making money is totally fine, but how much money are you making from that? If you sold your software for even just $5 would it pay out more than the Adware installer?

I am broke like everybody else but I have no problem forking out small change, and I would guess that everyone would agree to pay $5. In fact I believe you want people to appreciate your software, if you sold your software for "pocket change" (as opposed to free) I will have a feeling of ownership and appreciation for the value I received for the money. My thinking would be "I paid $5 for this! Wow!" as opposed to the "whatever feeling" I get when something is free.

If you want to give away your software for free, just charge a very small amount instead. People became millionaires selling phone apps for .99. To the end user, this is practically free but to the seller its a boatload of cash.

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