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Download directory structure

#1 Post by Black_Stormy » 2014-07-16 16:53

Every time I log into my server on filezilla it re-downloads the directory structure, which hardly changes. It always takes ages to load up any folder even when I have just been in there. Is there a way to save the directory structure locally before browsing on the server? I'm thinking something along the lines of each connection profile having a multidimensional array stored locally, which represents the server directory structure. It would be downloaded (or calculated) when you connect to the server initially. Since it would just be a bunch of strings the memory footprint would be minimal. This means that I could navigate the server without having to wait for all the pinging and stuff that goes on at every folder, perhaps at the cost of a slower initial connect time. Extra points if it keeps a list of filenames and filetypes in the folders as well.

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