My cgi-bin...

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My cgi-bin...

#1 Post by knysnaarea » 2015-02-25 13:20

I wrote a letter to my hosting account about my problem and they didn't come back to me. I hope some one in the forum can help me.

My cgi-bin in my cpanel is deleted and is now emty. My cpanel don't want to upload the zip file, because of the cgi-bin that is not present. What must I do the bring the cgi-bin back in my cpanel.

Looking forward to help



Re: My cgi-bin...

#2 Post by gregnk » 2015-02-25 13:32

I'm sure that creating a new folder called "cgi-bin" wont help. Also what did you mean by "letter"? Did you actually sent one over mail?

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Re: My cgi-bin...

#3 Post by zillawallace » 2015-03-02 09:42

Customer service with some hosters is a nightmare. No replies and bad advice. I've just changed up and I'm much happier with my provider now. Sometimes cheapest isn't best. I've gone with - and I'm really pleased with the 24/7 service and knowledgeable staff. They even helped me with the domain transfer which saved me lots of time. See if they can help.
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