Filezilla connection problems from China

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Filezilla connection problems from China

#1 Post by Jonno » 2017-06-17 16:10

Filezilla does not work from China.

Let me be specific, and after trolling through all of your forums, with zero result, the fact remains that my Win 7 computer will not connect Filezilla to my webhost.


My XP computer, dead due to a graphics card failure, connects with exactly the same Filezilla software. So does Dreamweaver MX.

So why do Filezilla deny me connection? I need a serious answer to this, and I am no longer prepared to troll the pages of inept and useless replies on your FAQ's. Yes I am here, but I need a serious reply. So, come on Filezilla. Why does my connection work in XP and Dreamweaver, but times out waiting for "AUTH TLS" response from Windows 7?

Yes: I have done the Win 7 stuff, I have contacted my UK host, and I have done everything I can think of, to support the login. Filezilla does not work with Windows 7, when you are physically in China. So come on, what is my real problem? Filezilla blocking anything from China? But only on Windows 7. I got Filezilla working with Win 10, on this same computer, but then, Win 10 died, terminal.

So, I need the answer to this. Otherwise, Cpanel and Dreamweaver MX - pre-millennial, do what your current software cannot do = connect.

I hope somebody out there has a sensible resolution to this problem.

Thank you for your time of reading, and answer would be best,

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Re: Filezilla connection problems from China

#2 Post by botg » 2017-06-17 19:20

The problem is with the Chinese government. It does not honor basic human rights such as the right to free speech and the right to privacy; and as such it censors the Internet. Since FTP over TLS is encrypted, the Great Failwall of China blocks it.

Either convince the Chinese government to abandon its sinful ways or move to a more modern country not stuck in the dark ages.

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Re: Filezilla connection problems from China

#3 Post by sjgmbob » 2019-07-12 03:13

Was struggling with the same problem. The difference is I managed to connect to company SFTP server in LA BUT I have to constantly reconnect. I was in Shanghai, soon travelling to Southern China. Have to upload work reports and lots of other large sized materials. This CONNECTION RESET problem REALLY bothers me...

Update: Managed to solve the problem with a VPN software installed and connected first, at least for now everything seems back and working fine.

Update: The VPN software I got was ExpressVPN in case anyone wants it. You have to establish a connection with it before you connect to your remote FTP server in FileZilla.

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