Frequency of updates

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Frequency of updates

#1 Post by micktion » 2017-06-26 04:20

I know regular frequent releases is the Agile way, but there is a growing problem with windows applications, in that every time you run something the application wants to update itself. Filezilla's version update dialog is pretty annoying and seems to launch frequently, if you have file zilla installed on multiple machines, you might think you're installing a new version of filezilla every day (What FUN!? NOT!). Obviously you need to apply a different methodology when deploying windows applications as opposed to a web site that can be seamlessly upgraded with zero downtime.

If you're going to release so frequently, I'd suggest you find a less obtrusive interface than a popup to prompt users to update, like a notification icon in the status bar. Maybe launch a popup if the user hasn't updated in a while, or only for major releases and bug fixes.

Looking at the release history, it seems you've released 13 times this year which is an average of a release every two weeks, and all of those releases look extremely minor.

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Re: Frequency of updates

#2 Post by boco » 2017-06-27 01:20

I would like much more frequent updates. It only takes a few seconds.

You can always set the check frequency to once a week or even disable it (and check manually).
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Re: Frequency of updates

#3 Post by bencfreeman » 2018-10-04 22:16

I also would love to see an option to check for updates every month. Something longer than a week. I administer ~50 servers and FTP is a tool I use daily. Because my work is spread over so many locations and servers, there is a 100% chance that on the next server I open FileZilla there will be another update. Also, it would be great if the update didn't download automatically as soon as I open FileZilla. Some locations do not have much bandwidth and this can be painful when working remotely.

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Re: Frequency of updates

#4 Post by infinitejurist » 2018-10-12 12:54

Hi, could updates at least run without having to close FZ and manually replace the application (Mac)? It would save me some consternation from how frequent the updates are. Is there some technical reason why it can't update without closing the application? Thank you

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Re: Frequency of updates

#5 Post by scarlett94 » 2018-10-15 12:31

For me, it's FileZilla, the FTP client. I generally use it to deploy my Web Dev. experiments on web to test it. Frequency of that access it not so high. Hence, every time I open it, it prompts me to update FileZilla.. and every time I'm like....

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