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Do I need FileZilla?

Posted: 2019-03-24 19:07
by Rapture
This should incite lots of laughs.

I have an old web site created with Front Page and I used to publish (make additions and changes) through FP then publish. I never used FTP.

Years have gone by and the site is very outdated. I've been sick in bed and technology passed me by. Now, I cannot figure out any of this.
It's hosted with GoDaddy and I explained to them when Microsoft stopped supporting extensions, I couldn't update my site anymore. They said switch to another builder, such as Wordpress or Wix. Yeah, no kidding but I can't do it and tried. I'm not up an able enough to mess with it all.

I also paid a few people - friends of friends to build a new site and none followed through.

So I am left with ftp and have no idea how. GoDaddy sent me a link that explains using FileZilla.
I'm lost. Its all like speaking another language but it needs to be done - 5 years ago actually.

Can anyone please in simple steps instruct me?
Do I have to first download FileZilla on my computer? and do I really have to? (no offense FileZilla) Or can I just login to my GoDaddy acct and bring files over, then do edits and publish?

I already know I need to get rid of the Front Page and use something else, I've tried. Right now I just need to make some quick changes. Please help! Thank you.

Re: Do I need FileZilla?

Posted: 2019-03-24 21:43
by botg
FileZilla is an ordinary desktop program. In order to use it it needs to be downloaded and installed.

FileZilla does only do one thing: Transfer files between the computer it is installed on and some server located elsewhere. FileZilla itself cannot edit or otherwise modify files.

You could use FileZilla to download your old website, then edit the files with whatever program you like, and and later upload the changed files back to the server.

Re: Do I need FileZilla?

Posted: 2019-03-24 22:26
by Rapture
Thank you.
I was asking if I need to do it that way? Or can I just open files somehow on hosting company and edit?

Years ago I managed a site, I know its hard to believe but it was built with Dreamweaver by someone else. I forget the hosting company but I didnt have to download anything. I just went to host company and did edits there.

Because its all confusing at this point, I'm trying to eliminate steps if possible.

Re: Do I need FileZilla?

Posted: 2019-03-25 07:25
by botg
This depends entirely on whether your hosting plan includes a web-based HTML editor. Based on what you wrote about your current provider, such a thing doesn't seem to be included.

Re: Do I need FileZilla?

Posted: 2019-03-25 13:52
by Rapture
Thank you very much. I will call and ask them.