From winSCP to FileZilla and back - musing on some conversions

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From winSCP to FileZilla and back - musing on some conversions

#1 Post by openSuseman » 2019-04-20 13:23

hello dear all,

i have used Winscp for several years. - On the machine in office - where Win is installed.

At home i have Linux of course. FileZilla does not support any kind of import from other applications.
well there would be a help if i would write a script to convert WinSCP INI configuration file data.
With that data port to FileZilla i would be able to port over the data to FileZilla XML configuration file.

Hmm - i guess that should not be that difficult. Guess that this would be worth the effort.

The goal: i could try to do a convertion of all the passwords encrypted by WinSCP to an unencrypted (or base64-encoded) form that FileZilla
uses would be the most challenging (if we think of the save passwords).

The nice thing would be - if i get aware that WinSCP is better in several tasks i could also switch back,

What do you think bout this ideas to use both systems and to convert the data: from winSCP to FileZilla - musing on some conversions

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