Should I choose FileZilla?

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Should I choose FileZilla?

#1 Post by David40 » 2019-06-02 18:09

I was reading reviews regarding the best FTP Server softwares, and a review I read stated that FileZilla was very good with the an exception that FileZilla has, "One noticeable downside to Filezilla is that it times out connections after 15 minutes, which can interrupt massive file transfers." i need to transfer large files that may take hours to transfer with the slow upload speed my IP provides me. I just wanted to know if it is was true that FileZilla automatically terminates connections after 15 minutes?

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Re: Should I choose FileZilla?

#2 Post by botg » 2019-06-03 07:08

Yes, you should use FileZilla, what else can I say? ;)

For transferring files with FTP, two connections are involved. The control connection to exchange commands and replies, and the data connection over which the actual file contents are transferred. During a transfer, the control connection stays idle, no commands or replies are exchanged. FileZilla uses TCP keep-alive to signal that the connection is still used. The problem is broken firewalls and NAT routers that drop connections prior to the 2 hours 4 minutes mark as required by REQ-5 from RFC 5382. Worse, these faulty firewalls and NAT routers do this silently without informing both peers that they are dropping the connection.

To answer your question: No, it is not FileZilla that terminates the connection after 15 minutes. It is FileZilla detecting that the connection has already been stealthily terminated by some firewall or NAT router at some prior time.

If you must use a NAT router, I recommend using one running on OpenWrt, they can at least be configured properly by virtue of being open source.

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Re: Should I choose FileZilla?

#3 Post by boco » 2019-06-03 07:16

Premium example of first-class hogwash. FileZilla Server does not have any arbitrary or hardcoded time limits, if you set all timeouts to zero (infinity), the connections stay up forever*.

*Disclaimer: Forever means only FileZilla Server. Your network/router, ISP, any routers along the way, even the client machine may introduce their own limits. Remember FileZilla Server is only one link in a long connection chain, and chains always break at the weakest link (worst configuration or lowest timeouts). The reviewer should have studied the source code of FileZilla Server carefully, before posting false claims.
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