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Both Panels show REMOTE site

Posted: 2019-08-06 17:34
by s4fz
1) Is it possible to have the setup when both left and right panels are handling remote site or both are showing local site? That would be very convenient sometimes. Or open 3 panels which would be even better?

2) Is it possible to create an option to run ssh besides FTP? Say, in Total Commander under Windows/DOS you can transfer files and launch them all in pone application. But why not allow that for Windows-Unix connection to control Linux computer?

3) Wouldn't it be good additional feature of automatic transfering DOS format files to Unix format and vise versa ? Something like dos2unix on the fly ...

4) Why my DUO authentication asks every time i transfer individual files despite i said Save my password while if i transfer multiple files at ones (highlighting many files and move them between panels in one movement of mouse) it does not ask for each and every file ?

Re: Both Panels show REMOTE site

Posted: 2019-08-06 20:46
by boco
1) No, no, and no.

2) FileZilla does not support SSH, only SFTP.

3) FileZilla is only a file transfer software, not a converter. It does not deal with file contents at all.

4) Because with multiple files, the transfer connections are opened once and are simply re-used for the following files, until the queue runs out of files. Individual file transfers open a new transfer connection and trigger a new auth.

Re: Both Panels show REMOTE site

Posted: 2019-08-07 04:42
by s4fz
Pity that at least DUO is not manageable with saving passwords and autorecognition of user who already clicket yes, yes yes gazillion times.
Today for example debugging the codes i clicked on DUO screen 500 times minimum and 100 times filled the password again. Just the DUO will make users hate this nice GUI app. Definitely adding SSH would make FZ fly so people would finally be able control human way from their Windows those bizarre Unix computers with their stupid VI editors and permanent typing on Prompt screens which with their awful fonts looks like 1970th CGA monitors

Re: Both Panels show REMOTE site

Posted: 2019-08-15 10:01
by s4fz
I often need to copy some files from Linux computer to different directory on the same Linux computer. But FZ does allow only copying from Linux to PC. Of course you can copy from Linux to PC and then from PC to another folder in Linux making PC as intermediate stage. When you copy Linux files to PC the latter one may add CR/LF or some hidden characters. And intermediate stage is intermediate stage which means additional headache.

If FZ does not allow having two Linux windows open and copy between them (and there are no plans to do that) can anyone suggest such app which is capable doing that? Kind of a Total Commander but for Linux/Unix and PC/Linux at the same time