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Help What FTP?

Posted: 2019-11-25 17:12
by sstarek
Need some help, I never use ftp befor.

I have a 100% offline pc, this pc is wired to a laptop (using Teamviwer) to use the internet mail... But also on the Laptop I have the dropbox, I use alot of files that are on Dropbox on the offline pc ( files like Solidworks, Autocad...). This is very slow and I get alot of errors or the solidworks get slow.

What I whant to do is, get a FTP on the laptop to be the server (getings files from dropbox) and on the computer use ftp to download and sync all files direct from his HD. Its possible? What should I use or buy?

**sorry for my bad English.**

Re: Help What FTP?

Posted: 2019-11-26 01:32
by boco
It depends how Dropbox presents the files to the server PC. If it uses standard Windows APIs to do that, the FTP server might be able to see and provide the stored files to the FTP client running on the offline PC.

However, there is a catch - if Dropbox by itself is slow, then FTP will inherit that slowness. Additionally, it will even be slower, as the files have to be transferred two times - first the server PC must read/transfer them from Dropbox, then the FTP client must transfer them from the FTP server.

Try it, maybe it works OK for you. Long-term, a local NAS system would be much better. No cloud (which could be unavailable at times), and LAN-only transfers are usually blazing fast. NAS offer a vast number of ways to access the stored files, FTP included.