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FileZilla Client Rights

Posted: 2020-02-07 17:53
by lahcbs123
Hello, I am using a windows Server 2012 R2 Windows serverthat is using the built in IIS FTP App. Users are free to create folders within a shared File folder at the root with Read\Write Access. If users whack in by using CIFS they cannot delete or modify the root folder. If they use Filezilla users can delete the root folder. I need to prevent users from deleting this root folder. Cute FTP does not have this issue but my whole company uses Fillezilla. Does anyone know how to lock down the Filezilla Client rights on a windows NON Filezilla FTP Server? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Larry

Re: FileZilla Client Rights

Posted: 2020-02-09 09:35
by botg
You need to contact your server vendor for assistance with configuring your server.