FileZilla Pro pre-sales question

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FileZilla Pro pre-sales question

#1 Post by BitTransfer » 2020-02-15 00:53

I'm a long time FZ user and only today I discovered pro when Googling for FTP to OneDrive. That's how I found Pro.
I've watched the video on this page: ... harepoint/
Such access is what I need. I did a traceroute to the mentioned graph server and it's an awful 330ms. That's going to be a slow connection for sure.
Obviously because I live in Europe. According to this map MS has a OneDrive datacenter in my country: ... te-bkjgypc

So, this is my pre-sales question: Does FZ Pro come with a worldwide list of OneDrive server addresses.

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Re: FileZilla Pro pre-sales question

#2 Post by botg » 2020-02-16 11:24

As far as I can tell the only endpoint for the OneDrive API is and it does not appear to use Anycast, so all communication always happens across the pond.

Unfortunately this means that the latency is unavailable. For downloads and large file uploads OneDrive may redirect to different host, incurring an additional latency hit to establish a connection to the new host. It is purely at Microsoft's discretion where files are stored and replicated to.

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