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File Permissions issue

Posted: 2020-03-22 19:51
by Techforay
I am trying to transfer files from my local computer to a ec2 instance where my index.html file is located /var/www/html. I can transfer files to other directories but not this one. I have tried changing the directory permissions but I am very new at this and not sure I am doing it right. Can someone walk me through the issues. If there is anymore info you need please let me know

Re: File Permissions issue

Posted: 2020-03-23 05:23
by boco
EC2 is supported by FileZilla Pro only. Pro has its own forum, please post your question there. Thanks.


Re: File Permissions issue

Posted: 2020-03-23 14:51
by botg
Actually EC2 is just a fancy way to setup virtual machines. There may just be an ordinary FTP server running on said VM.

What FileZilla Pro supports is Amazon S3, which is something else.

Re: File Permissions issue

Posted: 2020-03-23 17:04
by boco
Have neither of those. I think I will exclude myself from these matters from now and stick with what I know.