Moves entire directories around when renaming

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Moves entire directories around when renaming

#1 Post by thebashartesla » 2020-03-28 23:03

I've had about four or five heart attacks today, and all due to FileZilla moving parent directories around after I specified the sub within it be renamed. The first time it happened, I just chalked it up to me doing something wrong. The second time it happened, I thought I was being hacked. The third time it happened, I checked the activity log and am 100% certain I was at all responsible for the action.

The last time it happened when I'd renamed a plugin folder in Wordpress, and it took the parent directory it's located within (WP-Content) and just threw it in some random directory I no longer even use anymore.

Today it's taken both WP-Admin and WP-Content and just arbitrarily relocated both of those folders around in directories that I absolutely didn't select through human error; as there's no way I could incorrectly do something like it four times in a row. The last time it happened I was in the middle of a thousand file download and the move got lost in the activity log, and for a good five minutes i was panicked and checking through every directory, certain that this time the software ran a delete command rather than a move.

Either way, my site's broken completely and totally about four times today after initiating basic folder renaming commands. It hasn't been pleasant.

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Re: Moves entire directories around when renaming

#2 Post by botg » 2020-03-30 07:00

Which version of FileZilla are you using?

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