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Alternate feature request location

#1 Post by dwight319 » 2020-04-20 01:10

The FAQ states that feature request need to go into sourceforge but, SF appears to be having difficulty with new registrations, DOH!

I wanted to capture the feature request somewhere while the idea if fresh in my mind some problems has plagued me for a long time but, I've failed to communicate so far. If source forge gets their captcha working again, I'll happily repost these 3 feature requests there.

FEATURE Request 1: Watched Files tab
In the transfer queue window, we've got "Queued Files"/"Failed Transfers"/"Successful Transfers" I propose a "Recent Files" or "Watched Files" tab

Frequently I have files scattered all over the file system that need to be modified and the most current version uploaded, that either requires opening lots of tabs or lots of navigation. These files often are modified in single work event but, multiple folders.

I'd like to be able to see a view of those files that I'm modifying with their paths.

making changes to one model/view or controller might impact the other two files But, since they are in different directories, navigation sometimes requires refreshing large directories.

ideally I'd see the folder as a separate column and be able to sort on the name.

Additional options might be:
auto populate from various sources. IE, directory directory comparison, successful transfers.
drag and drop from the other tabs
refreshing the timestamp/size match status based on individual filenames. We can debate all day if someone should put 5000 files in a directory, (they should not, and it's more true about 50,000 or more) but, what is not debatable is that loading that directory over a slow connection takes a long time. Checking the timestamp and size of a specific file is very quick

FEATURE Request 2: directory compare all the files within all the sub folders, it would be required so show a 3rd section in that view, left filename/right filename/relative path

FEATURE Request 3: directory compare options: File Size/File Time/Both Size and Time/Either Size and Time
If there is anything that is unclear, I can certainly expand upon it. If it would help for me to mock up some graphics to make anything more clear I can do that as well. I wish I was more current on CPP, it's been a very, very long time since I've done any C or CPP work.

as mentioned before, I'll post these in a more appropriate place when that becomes a valid option.

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Re: Alternate feature request location

#2 Post by botg » 2020-04-20 07:14

The FAQ states that feature request need to go into sourceforge but, SF appears to be having difficulty with new registrations, DOH!
Looks like a stale link leftover from the distant past. Where did you find this information?

The watched files feature is an interesting idea.

For request 2, have a look at the comparative search feature already in FileZilla.

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Re: Alternate feature request location

#3 Post by boco » 2020-04-20 10:01

Current location for tickets:
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