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Any chance for Cryptomator-support

Posted: 2020-05-04 12:08
by a.borque
On my personal computers I have installed Crpytomator to encrypt my files before I send them to my online storage.
Occasionally I have to access these files on computers where Cryptomator is not installed (e.g. my parents PCs). Unfortunately there is no portable version of Cryptomator so this is a problem.
Lately I have seen that another FTP-solution, CyberDuck, has integrated Cryptomator support. But Cyberduck is not portable either and I am used to Filezilla on my Linux and Windows systems.
Though it is beyond the scope of a pure FTP-solution it might be a useful addition to Filezille, too and therfor worth of thinking of it?
Cryptomator ( is also open source.
Thanks for considering this and replies.