Verify Files transferred?

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Verify Files transferred?

#1 Post by 007craft » 2020-05-11 22:12

Hi I use filezilla FTP server at home and will transfer over pictures sometimes from work (Using filezilla client). Usually its groups of pics, maybe 2000 at a time. I just start the transfer and leave it. It works great

But when I go home to check the files, I notice a few of the pictures are corrupted. Is there anyway to have filezilla do a checksum or file integrity check, so if something fails it lets me know and tries the transfer again? Yes, I am already using TLS.

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Re: Verify Files transferred?

#2 Post by boco » 2020-05-11 23:50

No, the underlying FTP protocol does not have any support for checksums. But you can calculate a checksum file beforehand, transfer it along with the files, and then verify the transferred files against their respective checksums, in order to spot the bad ones.

- Using an archiver with support for recovery records and -volumes (like WinRAR). They can repair a certain level of corruption.
- Using an advanced software like MultiPAR to calculate Reed-Solomon code that can, exactly like the archiver option above, repair a certain number of corrupted data blocks.
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