FileZilla FTP Server First Time Use - Amazing!

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FileZilla FTP Server First Time Use - Amazing!

#1 Post by MEEMxyz » 2020-05-28 02:05

Hope this helps to other people who are thinking of using FileZilla Server...

And that is a topic for the General Discussion section, but I wanted to share that I am an IT and Network expert with a semi-professional system at home and needed urgently a FTPES (FTP with Explicit Encryption), and all sites pointed to FileZilla Server as the best option... so I give it a try.

It is Amazing!

First, I needed to do a quick first run with a local IP, and local access and no encryption and it worked just fine following these instructions:

Then, I created more users and new folders, and it went smooth.

Next, I started doing the encryption for FTPES, and not only the below guide was easy to follow, but I loved that I can block connections without encryption: ... o_(Server)

After that, I was able to use my DDNS (Dynamic DNS since I do not have a fixed IP) and open my router, following the FAQ that explains how to open not only port 21 but also a range 5000-5100 for actual data transfer: ... Server_FAQ

And the cherry on top of the cake:
You can redirect the traffic to your IP since they have a free dynamic IP detector placed on FileZilla website! Since I already have a DDNS I ended up using this one, but never thought that would make things even easier.

Indeed congratulations to the FileZilla Team.

And just 2 quick feedback items:
1) The icon, the website and even the interface looks old... I really had second thoughts because of how it looks... just being honest, and of course, one should never judge by the outside shell... still some food for thought.
2) I could not find where to donate or support since it is GNU!

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Re: FileZilla FTP Server First Time Use - Amazing!

#2 Post by botg » 2020-05-28 08:06

FileZilla Server is currently being rewritten from scratch to make it even faster and easier to use, while also bringing it to operating systems other than Windows.

The easiest way to support the project, and also getting something in return, is to purchase a copy of FileZilla Pro.

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