Reup File with Path?

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Reup File with Path?

#1 Post by 2slow » 2020-05-31 19:46

Hello Folks,

carefully with my denglish I'll try to describe an idea / problem....
Please be patient...

I download a file from my server /system/xy.ini.
Then edit xy.ini with a right click, ah - moment.
I forgot the name of file I want to add in the xy.ini....
I take a look into /files/ on my server, here we go!
Save xy.ini, FielZilla let me know it found an edited File, Upload? Sure!
How handy....
FileZilla now uploads the File to /files/ and not /system/ cos that's the folder I am at this point...

So, is it possible FileZilla "know" where the file belongs to and save it in the right place?

Kind Regards

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