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#1 Post by GVCCbob » 2020-10-27 18:39

Transferring a large 6 GB file from the MyCloud drive to a folder on the Mac Desktop. The destination desktop folder appears to have all the files listed but FileZilla is still transferring files and data. The queue show less than 1.9 GiB. Has it finished? How do I know it is not transferring the same files again.

How come the destination file looks like all files have been transferred, but the app is still downloading files.

Also show failed transfers 171. How do I see what failed?

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Re: New User Question

#2 Post by boco » 2020-10-28 02:39

FileZilla uses a transfer queue to keep track of things to download. If you told it to download only once and it is still running, let it finish.
Also show failed transfers 171. How do I see what failed?
The Failed transfers is a tab you can switch to. It will show you what failed. However, it cannot show why. The only implicit information is that it failed hard (permanent error), or else FileZilla would retry until success. You can right click and put the items back into the queue (please note the Failed and Successful tabs will not be saved on FileZilla exit).
Failed transfers will cause errors to appear in the log (log pane at the top). Errors are shown in red color. Unfortunately, the screen log is of temporary nature only, and they will scroll out of view very quickly. Enable log files to get a log you can open with a text editor and check.
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