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Speeds don't match?

Posted: 2020-11-23 18:22
by kevjustice
Not a complaint but an observation I don't understand.

In the attached screenshot, you can see I'm using Filezilla Client and Filezilla Server (on 2 different machines that I'm remoted into). The speed on the server side is showing VERY high rates but on the receiving side, much lower. For example on the sending side for the first file it's showing 299.6 MB/s. On the client receiving side it's 914.6KB/s. Each of the 4 files are wildly different. Also on the sending side (right), the status bar says 10.xMb/s but the total is FAR greater than that. On the receiving side if you total it, I'm getting about 5.5Mb/s.

Thoughts on why? Which one is accurate?

(Is big brother copying my file too??? :D )
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Re: Speeds don't match?

Posted: 2020-11-24 10:26
by botg
Looks like the math is wrong. Which version of FileZilla Server are you using?