Is FZ a potential solution to what I'm looking to do?

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Is FZ a potential solution to what I'm looking to do?

#1 Post by BigSwifty » 2020-12-29 04:36

I'm not the most computer literate person. I'm good at using software, but a bit weak when it comes to the things that take place behind the scenes. I'm pretty new to using FZ, but have had success using it to place virtual tours on my website. Haven't had a reason to dive any deeper, so I'm not exactly literate when it comes to FZ, it's abilities and limitations.

I"m a photographer whose business in S. America has been put on hold due to COVID since the overwhelming majority of my hotel/restaurant clients rely on international tourism. Tried to shift gears by focusing on real estate photography, but it's not a thing down here for cultural reasons I won't bother explaing. In N. America there's an increased need due to COVID for virtual tours for the real estate industry. I'm changing my business to offer editing services for both traditional photographs and virtual tour creation to busy photographers who'd rather not spend their nights editing in front of the computer and/or would prefer to focus on shooting instead of editing.

My current topic of research is about how to get files from one computer to another. There is a standard of using industry standard Adobe Lightroom and converting data heavy RAW files into lighter 'Smart Previews,' and then sending them in a zip file.

I prefer Capture One to edit and would like to receive the actual RAW files instead of LR Smart Previews. The challenge is in sending them to me in such a way that it doesn't take several hours to do so.

As an example, let's say an average shoot creates 6GB of RAW files and a photographer would send me 24GB of files at the end of his day after shooting four projects.

Is it possible/practical to send this amount through FZ? What if there was enough demand for me to hire a handful of other editors and I wanted to recieve > send back 100-150GB of RAW files on a daily basis, though this would likely be smaller since I'm assuming most of the potential editors hired would use the industry standard Lightroom and so could get by working on the much smaller sized 'Smart Previews' and I'd be the only person using my preferred editing program?

Thanks for any insight/help.

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Re: Is FZ a potential solution to what I'm looking to do?

#2 Post by botg » 2020-12-29 09:16

You can transfer files of any size with FileZilla, as fast as your Internet connection allows. FileZilla cannot perform magic though, with a slow enough Internet connection transfers may still take hours.

FileZilla can only transfer files to/from an FTP(S) or SFTP server. There are two common setups that may fit your scenario: One option is to run an FTP server yourself to which the photographer directly uploads. The other option is to set up some intermediary FTP server through a server hosting company to which the photographer uploads the files and you would later download them from.

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