Remote Directory Doesn't Load

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Remote Directory Doesn't Load

#1 Post by jdadwilson » 2021-01-29 16:30

Long time user of FZ. Never had a problem until now. I recently changed the file structure of one of my sites. One simple change was to rename my image directory from 'files_images' to just 'images'. There are several users of my site that have FTP access for uploading images. Thus, they have a cPanel FTP account for them to access directly to the 'images' directory.

Unfortunately on cPanel this required creating a new FTP account with new password. BUT, when I used the new account information to create the FZ site account FZ would link to the account but would only display the '/' level with nothing showing in the directory.

Further, if I use my master account to log into the /public_html/ level the remote directory panel will display the directory at the top level but will not display individual files at the top level.

This is a BIG problem for me as I now have several users that cannot provide their services for updating the site.

TIA for your assistance

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Re: Remote Directory Doesn't Load

#2 Post by botg » 2021-02-01 14:30

FileZilla just shows you what the server says. If nothing shows up this either means there really is nothing, or the user accounts on the server aren't configured correctly.

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