Feature Request: Add folder list to queue

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Feature Request: Add folder list to queue

#1 Post by hennell » 2021-03-25 13:20

I've searched around but forgive me if this A) Already exists B) Is totally impossible C) Is an issue only I have, that everyone else can solve with more sensible setups (Oh I envy you)

The Problem
I would like to be able to download a regular series of things without having to manually find each file/folder. Not all files, not all folders, but a subset of files / folders that are in silly locations on the server.

Proposed solution + example
A dialogue where a user can enter a list of paths that are evaluated, then added to the queue.
I.e. the users enters:

Code: Select all

And the queue adds pretty much what you'd expect.

I go through this when people ask me for features so figured I'd rank some stuff here - the minimum features would solve my immediate issues, above that is ideas that are nice if you want to consider it.
Minimum features
  • text box dialog that prompts you for a list of paths each one on a new line
  • Folder paths are simply downloaded in their entirety
Better features:
  • Folders allow wildcarding like

    Code: Select all

    to limit files to specific extensions
  • Paths allow wildcarding like

    Code: Select all

    to get a whole load of stupid added faster...
  • Dialog allows importing / exporting a list from filesystem
  • Dry run mode to see what it would have added so you can check what it's about to do
Awesome features
  • Dialog can save / load a preset list (linked to a specific site)
  • You can have a server based file that can be loaded into any connected filezilla
  • Dialog shows full preview of all paths it will add before adding, letting you tick or untick if there's something you don't want

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Re: Feature Request: Add folder list to queue

#2 Post by botg » 2021-03-25 15:12

Did you have a look at the search dialog? You can put complex regular expressions as search parameters.

If the list of files is always the same, you could also once create a queue, export it and then later import it.

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