FileZilla w/Notepad++ load files to edit to invoke offer upload

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FileZilla w/Notepad++ load files to edit to invoke offer upload

#1 Post by dougcouch » 2021-03-30 08:12

I've used FileZilla with Notepad++ for years, a very nice combination, especially the offer upload feature.

However, in order for FileZilla to offer upload (in my experience anyway), I must right-click files in the left pane and select Edit, placing these files in Notepad++. If I use any other method, such as loading them into Notepad++ from Windows File Explorer, or dragging the files into Notepad++, no association is created invoking FileZilla's offer upload feature.

With the projects I'm working on, it is often necessary to load 80 or more files into Notepad++, then close them after edits/uploads, and load another 80, etc. (perhaps 20 sets of 80 or so files). Currently, I navigate in FileZilla (left pane), click into the desired folder (fortunately all of each set are in one folder), use Ctrl+A to select all, then right-click and select Edit.

Is there currently a way to load all files of any given set into Notepad++ specifically with the association in FileZilla to invoke the offer upload feature? In Notepad++, there is a Save Session and Load Session feature (enhanced by Session Manager plugin if desired); but this simply gets them into Notepad++...which doesn't do me any good. Rephrasing or upgrading my question: Is there a similar feature in FileZilla to save sessions of files currently being edited (and still in the editor when saved as such)? (which could thereby be easily re-loaded into Notepad++ with offer upload invoked in FileZilla)

The end result I'm looking for is to be able to select one session or similar file and thereby load a predefined set of files (with several such sessions {or similar} of files saved). Additionally, if such a session or similar file could be executed or used via batch file or similar, these things would speed up required editing sessions tremendously.

If there is no similar feature in FileZilla, is it possible to slate it for future development?

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