FileZilla offer upload variable use setting

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FileZilla offer upload variable use setting

#1 Post by dougcouch » 2021-03-30 08:50

I noticed several people discussing the possibility of having FileZilla always save without prompting. In general, the response seemed to be that the prompt is a data loss prevention feature.

I agree with a default of such "always prompt". However, there are plenty of times when that default is not only not needed, but it seriously impedes progress.

Those posts I read were interested in having a mode in which FileZilla would always save without prompting (presumably an optional mode). This seems like an obviously good feature; which could have a warning about data loss, rather than simply not allowing FileZilla to be used that way.

My own issue is pretty much the opposite however. I end up loading many files into the editor (in my case, Notepad++) simultaneously, editing/uploading, etc. This is followed by another, then another set of many files...perhaps 20 sets of 80 or so files. With "always prompt" invoked, offering to upload these files individually, it interferes with using a combination such as Save All followed by Upload All (even if Upload All is done manually). To sit there clicking Yes to offer upload for each of 80 files, then doing this all over again with the next set of files gets rather long-winded.

So my suggestion is to have at least 3 modes:
  • Always Prompt to Save [default] (safe but often enough in the way)
  • Always Save without Prompt [optional] (accepted by user as intentionally merciless)
  • Never Prompt or Save [optional] *unless Exit FileZilla is selected, then (prompt to (selectively) Save or Save All) followed by (prompt to (selectively) Upload or Upload All)

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