Permissions to own an uploaded file / folder

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Permissions to own an uploaded file / folder

#1 Post by Masheleni » 2008-03-14 13:28

Ok... here's the scenario. I am running an FTP where various users upload documents to a global ftp. Each of the users have a seperate account, but every account is assigned to an account group.

So, all users have access to each other's files.

What I want to do is, be able to upload a document and then delete it at a later stage, but I do not want to be able to delete files that were uploaded by another user.

So, in the end... what would be a nice functionality is ownership of files and folders. This way, only the owner (person who uploaded the file) or a user with administrative privaleges can remove/delete the files off the ftp server.

At the moment, I have only given upload rights to my users and they are unable to delete files at all. The reason being that I do not want themm to be able to delete other user's files.

So an implementation / feature of what I mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if there is a way to enforce the security policy that I am suggesting with the current version of FileZilla.

If not... will it be at all possible to include this feature in the next release?

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