Beginner - FTP not recognising wordpress 2.5 installation??

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Beginner - FTP not recognising wordpress 2.5 installation??

#1 Post by Sloan » 2008-04-07 01:09

I have the FTP all up and working, i assume, however i think what i have done wrong is download wordpress 2.5 without completing the sitemanager info and creating a root file to upload to. I have since filled out the sitemanager info but before i downloaded wordpress 2.5 again i tried to delete the version i initially uploaded, but some of the files cannot be deleted?
What i want to know is would it be wise to uninstall filezilla and then start from stratch or is there any way i can delete all the stray versions of 2.5 that wouldnt delete and start a fresh new download?
I have downloaded themes to the wp-content/themes file but none of them are showing up, i assume this is because i have uploaded them to the wordpress 2.5 which is not installed!
Any help would be greatly appreciated i have no idea where to go from here!?!

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