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Recommended New Features

#1 Post by eric3d » 2008-06-11 04:06

FileZilla is a wonderful program! I'm finding it more to my liking than WS_FTP Pro. Here are a few improvements that would be most welcomed:

1. Historic log of failed transfers (not just for the current session), and an on-going log of what files didn't transfer, with ability to re-try

2. More robust file comparison. Perhaps a process that goes through and compares local versus remote files, and reports inconsistencies by an actionable log. At least just a global setting that whenever you open a remote directory it does a comparison with local directory and highlights differences in different colors.

3. Ability to continue transfers across sessions. For example, I was transferring a 500MB file and in the middle, after working on it all day, I had a lighting storm and power failure. It would be very sweet if FileZilla would keep track of partial transfers, and continue where it left off when next online.

4. Show the just uploaded files in the remote window after each file is successfully uploaded.

5. in the Queued Files tab show the amount of data queued for transfer.

6. It would be nice to be able to see an overall progress gauge in addition to the per file progress gauge.

7. PayPal Donate button next to the "Quick Connect" button

Thanks again for a wonderful product!


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