New sftp directives and Filezilla 3

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New sftp directives and Filezilla 3

#1 Post by grosbedo » 2008-10-08 22:03

Hello :-)

I encountered a little problem with Filezilla 3 when I tried to connect to my web hosting on via SFTP. Recently they have changed the connections directives;
Project web content may be maintained in the following ways, using the sftp:

Use your account name (NAME) and your project UNIX name (PROJECT) to update files on the project web server. From a command line, this is issued as:

sftp NAME,

cd htdocs

A sample session might look like this for project Toast (UNIX name: toast):

sftp hinojosa,
cd htdocs
put index.html
So I tried to put in Filezilla NAME, as host (but i replaced NAME and PROJECT by the right values of course ;) ).

The problem is that when connecting, Filezilla automatically removed everything that was before the @ !

The only way I found to overcome this limitation, was by setting as the host, and the username NAME,PROJECT

I don't understand why the Account option in Authentification isn't accepted as valid when using SFTP ? It would be much more genuine to accept PROJECT as the account value.

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