Remote path setting ignored after edit

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Remote path setting ignored after edit

#1 Post by peted » 2008-11-05 23:06

Hi all

Just started playing with filezilla and getting on fine until I set up default editor (CoffeeCup), invoked it by selecting edit on a source file, and went to upload the saved file.

As instructed by ISP I need to write into /www as the root of my web site. Writing to /www works fine when doing a manual upload by the way.

I've set up a connection in site manager to point to /www as remote path. My problem occurs after the file save in CoffeeCup, when filezilla pops up the File Has Changed box, but the remote path to be used is just /, not /www. It tries to upload to / and is (correctly) denied access. (The log output at the top of screen confirms this action and which dir it's trying to write to - CWD comand). Site manager is properly saving the required path and shows it as /www just fine.

Any ideas please? (or is this a bug?). Incidentley, before setting up site manager I had the same issue and couldn't find anywhere to set the remote path. Looks like site manager is the only way to do it? I'm also assuming that remote path setting is only active if connected via the appropriate site manager entry - which I am.



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