Rename after upload

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Rename after upload

#1 Post by ketil » 2008-11-17 15:00


Is it possible to make filezilla upload files with a temporary name, and rename it when it is complete and successful? For example:

1. Upload file 1234.dat to server, calling the file 1234.dat.tmp on the server
2. When the file transfer is complete, and if the transfer was binary, check that the size of the file 1234.dat.tmp on the server is correct
3. If the the size is correct, rename the file on the server from 1234.dat.tmp to 1234.dat

Then you know the file on the server is done. This way, it would be much easier to know:

1. if any files are not completely successfully uploaded (error detection),
2. which files are not complete, or are currently uploading (error correction), and
3. which files are complete, so they can be processed further as required

There's a bunch of cases where functionality like this would be really useful, so this would at least be a great option. I think perhaps it could be a good default behaviour as well.

Another really useful option (for the integrity conscious out there) would be for filezilla to calculate the md5sum of the file (virtually free, since it is being read anyway), and when the file transfer is complete, upload a file called 1234.dat.md5 that contains the md5sum of the original file, so that it can be verified on the server side.


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