Beginner's Question - New Website

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Beginner's Question - New Website

#1 Post by katec » 2022-05-11 20:07


I have previously created a website, but there are a few steps in the beginning phases I don't remember. I hope to get some guidance in here.

I have my website host at the same place I bought the domain. Now, I wanted to use FileZilla to store the files and create backups. I still haven't begun using Wordpress for this new site (which is the program I'll be using to create the website itself). In order to start using Wordpress, it says I have to add the Wordpress-files I have downloaded from to the website's folder through the FTP-program. However, I can't find any such folder for my website, which I am guessing is because I have to create the folder myself.

I logged down these steps when I created my last website some years back with the help of someone else, in terms of what she told me to do. It looks like a confusing mess to me from halfway through, so I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me whether this is a correct way to go about it, and if not, guide me to figuring out the right way :)

1) Log into the host in FileZilla.
2) Create a folder on my computer's desktop for the website, and in that two folders - "www" for the files and "db" for the database.
3) Files: Highlight all the wordpress-files and drag it into the folder just created for the files ("www").
4) Database: Log into the website host online, go into "Databases", export the files in SQL-format and add the files to the folder on the desktop.
5) FileZilla will ask "Always use this action"..
6) Right click on the database in the browser
7) Go into the folder on the desktop and add the files here
8) Transfer the backup to an external harddrive.
9) Once it's done transfering, log into a new server in FileZilla (I don't understand - a new server?)
10) Go into the new website server's files and press "config.php", which opens in Dreamweaver or Notepad, and then change:
- DB_user
- DB_name
- DB_password
- DB_host
(^^this step only being when moving the files, not at every backup)
11) Drag all the files onto the new server
12) Change the files' rights on config.php "file permissions" by changing the code, otherwise the rights are open to all

I haven't tried following this yet as I wanted to ask in here first to make sure it's the right way to go about it. I will really appreciate any help, input or guide to where to get proper instructions.

Thank you! :)

Best wishes,

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Re: Beginner's Question - New Website

#2 Post by boco » 2022-05-12 17:52

For simple websites (the ones not using a database of any kind) it is just downloading all website files to a local directory. Done. The problem is not the backing up, but rather the identification of the location your website files are in, as the names can be different for every provider.
There are a few names to look for:
- www
- htdocs or httpdocs or httpsdocs
- Inetpub or inetpub
- web
- the name of your domain

Backup the contents of this directory to a local directory with the same name you created. There could also be the case where you cannot find any directory with that name, or even no directory at all. In that case the server operator has locked (or "caged") you into your directory and you simply backup everything from the root.

Special case: cgi-bin
If that directory exists, backup it, too. It may contain scripts.

Special case: Database
If your website uses a database, you cannot back it up with the rest of the files, as it isn't a file. You need to create a database dump (which is really only an SQL batch file with commands for re-creating it verbatim), either through your website running on PHP (database maintenance), through a third-party tool (like phpMyAdmin), or through your hosting providers's website portal functionality.
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