Help Please, difficulty linking files

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Help Please, difficulty linking files

#1 Post by Truman2332 » 2012-04-03 16:56

Hello, I'm new to ftp and have exhausted research and desperately need assistance. I uploaded files to my site which encompass a design tool so that customers can create their own personalized label. I uploaded the files in product_downloads. A new window opens and the design tool appears for the customer to make choices. I have that working well but there are no images/borders/graphics that appear in the pop-up. Im using bigcommerce and have uploaded the graphics/colors files just as I did the design tool files.

I was advised that I needed to "link" the graphics/color/etc. files to the design tool. I utilized src="border.ext" (I cant remember the exact extension I used, I'm currently not on my home computer). I placed the extensions to link to the design tool in the product downloads file. As this did not work, I also tried placing the extensions in images file, template file and content. I also placed the graphics file in the extension folder. Hopefully this makes sense and someone can guide me in the right direction. I've searched for "linking" or extension information, but nothing I've found seems to relate to the issue I'm having and I've spent many hours and am quite frustrated lol. I GREATLY appreciate any assistance that someone may be able to provide. Thanks.

500 Command not understood
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Re: Help Please, difficulty linking files

#2 Post by PieterOliehoek » 2013-09-01 15:16

Dear Truman2332. It is not clear to me which files you try to upload.
Or what your problem is exactly.
If it is html: src-attribute normally refers to an image (<img src='imagefile.png'>).
src="border.ext" has an ".ext" extention.. which does not refer to a known image format.

So whatever you are 'linking' it should be an image that any browser is happy with.
Good luck.

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