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Browser Compatability

#1 Post by mypyrex » 2012-12-29 11:04

Just hoping somebody can give me some help here. I tend to use Mozilla Firefox on my pc and I've set up a site based on that. However, when I look at the site in Internet Explorer there is a vast difference in the way the page appears with spacings etc all out of sync. Can anyone give me any advice please.

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Re: Browser Compatability

#2 Post by vmaddox » 2013-01-03 03:35

Use a html template. I personally use bootstrap so it can be displayed on all devices. You can also use Google Chrome Frame in your code. It's meant to display javascript in IE so it will look the same as in Firefox.
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Re: Browser Compatability

#3 Post by detphx » 2013-02-13 02:23

You need to make sure your designing and previewing for all browsers. I would also make sure that if you can use margin and padding positioning ins CSS stick with it. Tables are old and deprecated however, they do render virtually the same in all browsers as well.
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Re: Browser Compatability

#4 Post by Furniture Hire » 2013-02-18 15:25

You may consider using a content management system such as joomla or wordpress to make life a lot easier. With The CMS most templates are cross browser compatible.
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