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What is my home page labeled?

Posted: 2013-12-18 22:38
by chrisnlis
Please don't slam me if I am in the wrong place, I don't know what type of question this is (client, server, etc).

I HAVE read all the FAQ pages, and I did several searches using various keywords, but just can't find this answer.

I am having the problem that when I enter my domain name into a search engine (ie Google), a generic page option comes up that re-routes to my hosting company's page, which is obviously not ideal.

I know I need to find my current home page file and change it to index.php (i think?) but I don't know what it's labeled currently. Does FZ use a default name when you first make a home page (using WordPress)?

From what info I could scrounge up here, I need to re-name my home page to index.php and then place it into the public_html folder, the only thing I don't know is where currently to find my home page in order to re-name it to index.

Thanks if you can help me...I took ONE very basic html web design class at University, so try to "dumb it down" for me, LoL

Re: What is my home page labeled?

Posted: 2013-12-19 13:40
by audiopro
The page which is loading now will be named index.htm or index.html. You need to find it on the server and replace it with your own.

If I could offer you some advice, I would forget about Wordpress until you have a basic grasp of how html documents work.

Re: What is my home page labeled?

Posted: 2013-12-20 01:43
by chrisnlis
I can write in html just fine, design an entire web page even, even if I was forced to do it without WYSIWYG (it might take me awhile but I could get it done).

It's not the html that's the problem, I just have no idea how FileZilla works (especially crossed with WP).
I have only previously used the FTP at my college, with straight, self-constructed html, no software, and never had any issues. FZ is brand new to me, and using it with WP makes for dozens of files to go thru...MANY of which are named index.htm I tried renaming some of them to index.php.bak but no fix.

If I "forget about WP" I won't have a website, so that's really not an option. I know even less about the other publishing software options.

Re: What is my home page labeled?

Posted: 2013-12-20 07:21
by botg
FileZilla is a tool to transfer files, nothing more, nothing less. We don't know which files you want/should transfer or what to do with those files.

Re: What is my home page labeled?

Posted: 2013-12-20 07:48
by audiopro
Does Filezilla display the correct upload directory, on the remote server, according to your host's upload instructions?