HTAccess files

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HTAccess files

#1 Post by WEP-User » 2014-01-09 01:07

I’m having some issues with securing my home FTP server running FileZilla FTP Server. Basically I was running through the guide on Life hackers guide on how to setup a personal home web server ... web-server. Regarding the section of locking down directory access from HTTP I did the following.

1. Edited the CONF file of the Apache to AllowOverride All ... d5caba.png

2. Created the encryption text file using command line. ... 17a833.png ... 0c938e.png

3. Created the .htaccess file using notepad and placed in the directory that was live on the HTTP end ... 730d59.png[/url]

But when I access my web server through HTTP I get no password prompt and just the standard directory listing. I see the .htaccess file extension as well (which I'm not sure is correct or not). ... 764205.png

Sooo what exactly am I doing wrong here? The instructions are pretty straight forward so I doubt I missed a step. The thing is that I really need to lock down these directories with as much security as possible. Additional advice from seasoned FTP vets are very welcome.

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Re: HTAccess files

#2 Post by boco » 2014-01-09 21:29

Sooo what exactly am I doing wrong here?
Confusing FTP with Web- (HTTP) servers. Both are entirely different, and the guide is for an HTTP server (Apache). Pure FTP servers cannot be reached through HTTP!

An FTP Server is set up entirely differently. There are no .htaccess files or server directives in the FTP world, everything permission-related is done in the user account settings in FZ Server's admin interface. And yes, FZ Server will always show all files (as there's no standards-compliant way for the server to filter files from listings).

FTP server will only send naked listings (binary and text). Browsers wrap these listings into a dynamic HTML page, creating the impression of a webpage listing.

Network configuration: Different as well, read Network Configuration. FTP needs lots of ports, webservers usually only one or two.
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