I'm new, please help me !

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I'm new, please help me !

#1 Post by solerake » 2015-12-16 13:09


i have a problem with Website, i dont know much about html and this stuffs, the Website is from work and i broken it. it is supportet from Wordpress and the date are in FilleZilla. I have make a upgrade for Wordpress and then i have try to install a plugin, after the Upgrade for Wordpress my wp-login dosent work anymore, it say something with Cookies from Browser. I followed the instruction and again not working. I have tryed to put the old dates in the Filezilla and now the website not working anymore. Should i delete all dates from Filezilla and the another Files from a "backup" and see if ti works ? I have tryed in phpmyadmin a backup from datebase but it dosen't do so much.
What i can do ?
To try this way to delet all Files from Fillzilla and another Fille to add from a backup what i have copy with some time ago or i must the all webiste new make ?

I'm sorry for my bad english.
I hope you understand what is my problem and we can find a solution.
Thank you !

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Re: I'm new, please help me !

#2 Post by botg » 2015-12-16 19:08

Best solution is to delete everything, files and database, and to restore both from your most recent backup.